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Our Services

Occupational Therapy

Creative Therapy's experienced team of professionals has partnered with various private businesses, individuals and crown corporations to deliver evidenced based, client centered care for their clients. Creative Therapy strives to strike the perfect balance between high service levels to the individual client and the budgetary consideration for the organization. Creative Therapy is constantly reviewing service provision to ensure client centered, quality health care services are always delivered.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Long term care
  • Ergonomics
  • Brain injury rehabilitation
  • Health promotion/promoting healthy workplaces
  • Elder care in the home

Contact the office to set up a no obligation assessment of your facility's Occupational Therapy needs.

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Return to Work Management

Return to Work Management is a specialty for Creative Therapy Consultants. They help their clients' employees who are on disability navigate the complicated healthcare system, which can not only lead to faster and more complete recoveries for the employees, it can also save employers millions of dollars in claims costs. Any employer with a workforce of five hundred employees or more can save significant money, have their valued employees back on the job sooner, and ease the burden on their staff who are on disability. For more information about this program or to review third party prepared case studies showing how Creative Therapy has lowered the return to work costs for employers by 36% contact us today.

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Case Management

Creative Therapy has partnered with organizations such as ICBC, Work Safe BC to assist in managing all aspects of a client's rehabilitation. This includes assisting with hospital discharge planning, provision of medical equipment and coordination of rehabilitation services. Creative Therapy has a long standing relationship with local health care providers and physicians to ensure each client has a clear evidenced based plan for their timely recovery.

Creative Therapy is always pleased to discuss how this service might be of benefit to you.

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Cost of Future Care Assessment

A Cost of Future Care Assessment provides recommendations for the current and future needs of individuals who have experienced an injury and have ongoing medical needs. This assessment is most commonly used during court proceedings to determine an appropriate settlement amount. Hilary Drummond of Creative Therapy Consultants is a highly experienced clinician who has completed her training through the University of Florida, recognized as the gold standard for training in this field. Her practice includes disability management, clients with brain injury and concussion as well as providing medical legal assessments.

Hilary is a Certified Canadian Life Care Planner and has been accepted as an expert witness in the supreme courts of British Columbia and Saskatchewan. She has a wealth of clinical experience and has been a long standing volunteer on many professional and community boards. Hilary is always available to discuss your specific needs as it relates to Cost of Future Care Assessments.

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Rehabilitation with a difference

Creative Therapy Consultants are committed to always providing care that exceeds expectations. Our team has the latest training and treatment resources to make sure that our clients receive the highest quality care. We pride ourselves on fast, cost effective service.

We specialize in the following;

-Disability Management

-Occupational Therapy

-Rehabilitation Programming

-Return to Work Management


-Mental Health

-Brain Injury Rehabilitation

-Elder Care

-Functional Capacity Evaluation

-Cost of Future Care Assessment

-Pediatric Therapy


The financial impact of having Creative Therapy proactively manage our disability cases has been hugely positive. During the time they have been our partner the average term of our short term disability cases has been reduced by about 12 days per claim. That has meant a savings in our disability costs of approximately $2,000,000 over the past 13 years.
- - Earl Martin, Interior Lumbermen's Health & Welfare Plan

If you have any further questions about our services please contact us todayContact